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It's been a long itme since I've applied for a community


name Kelley Rose Kutz
age Seventeen
location Denver, CO USA

bands you like (no more than 7)
  • The Aquabats
  • Chuck Berry
  • The Fitness
  • Ghost Mice
  • Possum Dixon
  • Red Aunts
  • Uphollow
    your influences (no more than 3)
    Hum. None of my influences are well known. They’re mostly people I grew up with, or people I collaborate with. None of us have work anywhere online that I could post. I’ll just name them and explain their style, or how they influence me. I hope that’s okay.
  • Chase Snyder (His MySpace)
    Chase just learned to use a sewing machine. So far he’s modified about 45 tshirts. He works with a kid named Cody (who’s pretty awesome) on a clothing line they call Merf. Chase inspires me to try new things with old clothes. I usually work with the idea that clothing should be built from scratch, or scraps. Chase helped me realize that I can make art out of already built clothes. He rules.
  • Evan (His Myspace)
    Evan is my older brother, and has basically been an influence in everything I do. His particular medium is graffiti. He taught me how to make and layer stencils, how to use my silk screen, and how to steal candy. He creates his art out of anything around him, as long as he’s got a marker or a can. I won’t show you his work because he’d be mad. :::WINK WINK:::. :coughs: uh, Graffiti is hush hush if you’re not already in the mix.
  • Miss Natalie Dee Her Website
    Okay, I found one influence who’s well known. Natalie draws whatever. It’s awesome. I have created about 4 web comics in the past 4 years or so, and Natalie and her husband Drew influenced most of them. I love simplistic drawings. I love the idea that even if you didn’t go to art school you can get your ideas out. I am also addicted to web comics.
    at least one picture of yourself

    ~~~>My Myspace<~~~

    at least 3 pieces of art and an explanation for each
    (If any of these photos don’t work, they’ve all been posted in my livejournal as well)

    If you don’t know, or can’t tell, this is the cast of Homestar Runner. This, is fanart. Those, are finger puppets. I sewed them. The bases are just the fingers from some white gloves I bought at the ARC, and (fun fact!) the green fabric was some old victories secret underwear I had.

    This is Dave. He’s one of two base characters for one of my webcomics, Weird and Dumb. If you look at that livejournal, you’ll see I haven’t updated in a while. I stopped this comic after about 7 issues (not all available online) due to a fever from a festering bear-inflicted wound (or I got lazy, I don’t remember). Can you see the Natalie Dee? I am trying hard to create a newer, more personalized style for the upcoming comics. These ones take far to long for me to draw; I think that the comic part should come easy. I also created this alternative version of Dave. And, here’s me as seen in Weird and Dumb</a>.

    I can’t find any photos of the rest of my art. I’ve made about 100,000,000 stencils in my life time, and taken at least as many photos. But, I recently moved away from my mothers house where the computer full of photos still lives. If this is crucial and I must have 3 pieces, I am going to her house in a week or so, and I can retrieve some stencils.

    where you found out about us
    I was being a BIG creepy stalker, per usual. I was on Corey Lewis’s livejournal and I saw a hot girl in his comments. I went to her journal. I went to her bands journal. I went to a girl who left a comment in the bands journal, and she referenced here. I’ll mail you a dollar if you can figure out who all those people are.
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