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warhol, avedon

i do mostly photography. i have a canon rebel and i've been putting it to full use in the past two weeks.
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kate, in a field. i think the red offsets the rest of the picture. i took about forty-eight pictures of her but this one is my favorite.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
self portrait. i was playing around with my self-timer the day i got it, and i didn't expect it to come out that well.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
i work at a thai restaurant, and their iced tea is probably my favorite refreshment.
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in my photography class three semesters ago, we were given a roll of film and told to go around campus and try to ultimately take one picture to display around the classroom. this one was my favorite.

i have a whole bunch of pictures on my website. the four above are all manuels, but i do digital as well. the website is fairly new, and i haven't put alot of time into it yet, but i will this summer.

where you found out about us
i just found it on somebody's information page and was intruiged!

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