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Hi, I'm Annie

I'm Andrea, though I prefer to be called Annie.

I am 19 years of age.

I am located in a smallish town in the state of Michigan.

Some of my favorite bands are Madison Greene, Zao, Norma Jean, Joy Electric, Underoath, Mortal Treason, The Polyphonic Spree. Like a lot of others, though, my music tastes differ day to day.

Three of my major artistic influences are Gustav klimt, Andy Warhol, and David Lachapelle. These influences aren't very evident in my artwork though.

Oh, look, it's me!

And here we go, some of my artwork.

This is my most recent, and one of my favorites. One late night, as I was sitting in my room I was thinking about how moody and oddly pressured I'd felt lately, so I started drawing. The drawing of course, like many of my recent sketches, ideas, began with a piano. I dream of playing the piano, but yet, never fully carry out that wish. I think that the appearance of the piano is almost as beautiful as the sound which it creates. Anyway, I drew the piano, and just started drawing the nude lady, which is also one of the most beautiful things ever designed. At the time that I was drawing this, it didn't really have any significant meaning, but looking at it, when I was first brainstorming and drawing this out, I was having some sexual confusion, greif going on, and I think this shows that well.(that was a run-on sentence if I've ever seen one. hah) A concious display of my uncouncious feelings I suppose.

This one is a couple of months old, but I have grown quite fond of it. There really isn't much meaning behind it. I felt very creative one day, and decided to do a self portrait. Yeah, that's me.

This one is actually about a year old. once again, here is the image of a piano. This is a double exposure of these very asthetically pleasing tall, skinny trees behind my house with a piano. I don't think I can really explain this in words, but these photographs actually have a deep spiritual meaning to me. When I look at these, I think of my spiritual relationship with the LORD, how amazing and beautiful he is, and how he can carry me through anything. Because of the negative and positive, they show the contrasts in life with and without the LORD. I didn't plan that out, but as I was making it, I really felt touched. That probably doesn't make any sense, but I see God's beauty in these photographs.

This was simply an experiment with using watercolor on a canvas over oil pastels. I absolutely love how it turned out though. I did learn that watercolors don't work well on canvas. :) (sorry about the bad angle)

For a while I was obsessed with making "textured paper." I spent hours upon hours upon hours making this one. The colors seem to express my mood a lot and I find the bright and dark purples to be very asthetically pleasing. Once again, there isn't very much meaning behind this one, but it's fun and unlike most of my other work.

Last, but not least, this isn't an original, it's just a re-make of a painting that I found online (I'm unsure of tha artist). It's not completed, but I really like what it looks like at this stage, and I'm not sure if I want to 'finish' it.

I found out about this wonderful community by Jen= blahitsjen

Thank you for your time.

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